The vision
of 'Belgium Arise' was already launched in 2009, but it was a vision and that's how it stayed.

On December 25, 2018 Gregory Goudeseune had a dream, where he heard the words "Belgium Arise" and God calling on him to evangelize in all the cities of Belgium.

Confirmed and encouraged by the Go Belgium Go team, Gregory shared the dream during the 3rd Go Belgium Go conference on January 19, 2019. To his surprise, at the end of January 2019, he found a powerpoint named 'Belgium Arise' from 2009 on his computer. And that is how the Spirit of God convicted that it was high time to transform the vision, that was already conveyed 10 years ago, into a mission !

In the meantime, the vision to bring the Gospel to all the Belgian cities was merged with the vision to evangelize in all the Belgian villages, a vision that was conveyed to a Flemish missionary in India, a few years ago.

"Belgium Arise! This is God's Kairos moment to reach out to all the cities, towns and villages of Belgium, united, effective and goal oriented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

United. That is why we invite young and old ( no one is too young and no one is too old ) from every denomination, organization and church, from whatever culture, to actively take part in this movement. When we work together the whole world will notice that we are one!