The Lord of the harvest

The Lord of the harvest

wants to harvest and He calls on us to sow in unity and abundantly!
Follow me,

Follow me,

and I will make you fishers of men.

Belgium Arise in Lier
" Jesus for - Lier - for Jesus "

In Lier people are looking forward to presenting the Gospel to every family and every citizen in a for them comprehendable language, and so doing this through interdenominational and intercultural teams in a multi-creative way. 
Whoever is willing can participate. 
City: Lier
Nickname for the city : Pallietercity, Gateway to the Kempen
Nickname : Sheephead, Pallieter
Population : +35.000 (2019)
Nationalities : 110 (2019)
Top 5 nationalities : Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Polish and Afghan nationality
Participation in planned campaigns? 
  • Various faith communities in Lier agreed on having an evangelization-campaign at least once a month. Do you wish to find out the date of the next campaign(s)?  (Contact us)
  • Do you wish to participate in a prayer-walk in Lier?  (Contact us)
  • Do you wish to distribute tracts door to door so that every family in Lier can read / hear what the Good News is all about? (Contact us)