The Lord of the harvest

The Lord of the harvest

wants to harvest and He calls on us to sow in unity and abundantly!
Follow me,

Follow me,

and I will make you fishers of men.

Belgium Arise t-shirts

This is God's time for the followers of Jesus Christ to confess in unity with each other color for Jesus.
A Belgium Arise t-shirt can contribute to that. You can be sure that you / your team will attract more attention with these t-shirts when you go out into the streets!

These good quality t-shirts are available in black, golden yellow and red and in various sizes for children as well as adults.

The t-shirts are available for a voluntary contribution (target price : 17 or 18 euro) but you are free to give what you can. The financial income of the t-shirts will be used entirely for the expenses that have to be made to pay for the press-work that is necessary to sow all over Belgium with a short version of Father's Love Letter in various languages.

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