The Lord of the harvest

The Lord of the harvest

wants to harvest and He calls on us to sow in unity and abundantly!
Follow me,

Follow me,

and I will make you fishers of men.

Every city for Jesus!

Unlike most villages, all cities in Belgium already have a place where one can worship the Father in Truth and in Spirit and for that we may thank God. Different cities even have many churches, sometimes with great diversity because of the cultural or denominational background, and that too is a point to thank God for.

The need in cities is overwhelming, but God wants to bless the city and all who live in it.

Belgium Arise would like to launch campaigns so that every resident of every city will have the privilege of reading Father's Love Letter. Unity in Christ is high on the list of the Father and of Belgium Arise. That is why, in cooperation with as many churches as possible, we want to set out and spread the Love of the Father and the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit and make it known to all residents of every city.

Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every household in their own city should be the top priority of every church.

In unity with each other, we can achieve this in all cities! Go Belgium Go and Belgium Arise would like to shape this, in collaboration with any denomination or organization.

Contact us if you too wish to (help) sow a city (your city) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every city for Jesus ?! With only 120,000 inhabitants, Bruges, the tourist city of Belgium, draws millions of tourists from home and abroad, and gives us a great platform for spreading Gospel seed that can literally bear fruit worldwide. Contact us !