The Lord of the harvest

The Lord of the harvest

wants to harvest and He calls on us to sow in unity and abundantly!
Follow me,

Follow me,

and I will make you fishers of men.

Every village for Jesus!

Many villages in Belgium still don't have a place where people unified in truth and in spirit can worship the Father, and the need is urgent.

We can pray for church planting work in all the cities and villages, but how do we get this started?

Completely sowing a 'churchless village' with Kingdom seed can do the job! (Read testimony Nieuwkerke - all villages for Jesus.)

Many believers who live in a village go to a Sunday worship service in a city further from where they live, and therefore do not often succeed in attending Bible studies, prayer meetings and other activities through the week. A church in their own village answers this need!

If the churches located in the cities would take the Great Commission in their own city seriously, then they would undoubtedly have their hands more than full with the challenges that the city brings and there would undoubtedly be little time and energy left over to evangelize in the villages where the church members of those villages live. A church in their own village solves this problem.

What Jesus did 2000 years ago, He would also do today. He would go into the villages and send out His followers to villages where He had not yet been. He would teach the villagers to testify in their own village. A church in your own village would only make this easier and your village friends would also feel much more at home there.

Evangelism and church planting work in their own village should be high on the prayer- and task list of every Christian villager.

Go Belgium Go and Belgium Arise would like to help formalize this, in co-operation with brothers and sisters of any denomination or organization, because interdenominational and intercultural churches are actually Gods plan.

Contact us if you desire to (help) sow a village (your village) with the Good News.